Journey Around The World by Private Jet

With so much to see and do, how can you possibly see it all in one lifetime?

You can start by checking off a few items from your bucket list with a Journey Around The World. Your journey might look something like this:

Start in Tokyo, Japan. Take a tour of Tokyo, including the Imperial Palace and the Tsukiji Fish Market. Enjoy the vibrant bustle of the city with its great shopping, restaurants and sights. If you’re feeling like a serene escape, check out the Meiji Shrine, the city’s most famous Shinto shire. You can even channel your inner warrior and opt for a Samurai sword lesson!

Just a short fight away is Beijing. The city is China’s political, cultural and educational centre. It has seven UNESCO Heritage Sites including the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Great Wall and the Grand Canal.  Experience old China along the narrow alleyways of the city’s traditional living quarters, tour Tiananmen Square or indulge in a private dinner on the Great Wall. There is something for everyone and every taste.

About time to hit the beach? From Beijing, fly to the Maldives. With spectacular white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise water and overwater bungalows, you will never want to leave! Exclusive luxury resorts sit on unpopulated islands to preserve their exclusive feel. This really is heaven on earth. Feeling adventurous? Partake in snorkelling, scuba diving and even big game fishing.

From the beach to the plains, fly to the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania and take in a safari. Beautiful landscape devoted to national parks and game reserves await you. Take in the majesty of the “big five”, the top five most popular animals to see on safari: elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalo. If ground trekking isn’t your style, opt for a hot air balloon ride to take in the stunning scenery.  Definitely a bucket list topper!

Leave behind the natural wildlife and arrive in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey. This city bridges together culture and time with historical sights and urban intrigue. Visit the Blue Mosque to marvel in its cascading domes and magnificent minarets. Spend time at the stunning Hagia Sophia to see is amazing architectural beauty. Take in the hustle and bustle of the Grand Bazaar. This ancient city is a complete cultural experience.

From Turkey, fly to St. Petersburg, Russia. This city embodies the artistic soul of Russia. Start at the Faberge Museum to explore their exclusive collection of famed Imperial eggs; see the city’s most iconic structure, the Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood; visit the opulent Catherine Palace and its legendary Amber Room. Splendor and rich culture await you in this amazing city.

For your last stop, land in Marrakech, Morocco. Jemaa el Fna at the heart of the city is a lively square known for its snake charmers, entertainers, souks and food stalls. For a more relaxing vibe, wander the blue-green tranqulity of Majorelle Garden, whose grounds were restored by Yves Saint Laurent.

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